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Irvin & Irvin was founded by Paul Irvin and Andrew Irvin, a father and son who have spent their entire legal careers as personal injury attorneys.

Personal Service

Think your attorney should return your calls? So do we! Our firm prides itself on being available for our clients; morning, noon, and night. After being injured in an accident, it can be extremely stressful. You will have many questions and we will take the time to answer those questions.


Since 1979, Paul Irvin has been a plaintiff’s personal injury attorney. Andrew Irvin started practicing law in 2013 and has also spent his entire career as a plaintiff’s personal injury attorney.

Holistic Approach

We are here to help. Not just in making a recovery against an insurance company. We will help you with the matters surrounding your claim too.

This includes making sure your car is repaired properly or you are paid a fair value in the event of a total loss. And attempting to get all of your medical bills negotiated and paid.

Our commitment to our clients is more than just one transaction and our goal is to see you go from a victim to a victor.

Contingency Fee

We handle most of our cases on a contingency fee. This means that you do not pay us up front to represent you in your claim. We are paid out of your total settlement or verdict.

Generally our fee is 33.33% if your case is resolved prior to a lawsuit. If a lawsuit is required, our fee is generally 40% of the total settlement.

Our firm also fronts all the costs of pursuing your claim (such as court costs, medical records, expert fees).

These costs are then paid out of your settlement. If we do not make a recovery for you, you do not pay us any attorneys’ fees.

If we do not make a recovery for you, you do not have to refund us any of the costs we expended on your claim.

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