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After a car accident, getting your car repaired is one of the most pressing issues. Unfortunately, delays or denials by the insurance company can cause unwanted stress. Below we provide answers to frequently asked questions on car repair after an accident.

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Can the insurance company force me to take my car to their preferred shop?

No. You have the right to choose your own car repair shop. You do not have to take your car to an insurance company’s preferred repair shop or recommended repair shop.

There may be an exception if your insurance policy specifically states that you must take your car to one of the insurance company’s preferred shops. Most insurance policies do not state this. If the at-fault party’s insurance company is paying the claim, you can always choose your own car repair shop.

Can the insurance company force me to accept non-original parts?

No. An insurance company may not require you to accept non-OEM parts, unless they can show the parts are equivalent in kind and quality in terms of fit, appearance, and performance.

Florida Statute 626.9743(4)

How do I know if non-original parts will be used in my repair?

If non-OEM parts are going to be used in your repair, the insurance company or repair facility must tell you, in writing. Florida law requires for you to be notified of each non-original part that will be used. Generally, this is done on the estimate.

Florida Statute 501.33


Can the insurance company tell me to file my car repair claim under my own insurance?

No, if liability is reasonably clear. Florida law prohibits an insurance company from even “recommending” that you file your claim with your own insurance company.

They can, however, identify options to you. Very often, insurance companies skate this gray line. With their words, they are only “identifying options.” However, with their actions and delays, they are trying to avoid paying your claim and have you file with your own insurance company for your car repair.

Florida Statute 626.9743(4)

Diminished Value Claim

Andrew Irvin helped me navigate two diminished value claims where I had no idea what to do. I was about to quit when he helped me take on some big name insurance companies and was patient with me every step of the way. He took time to explain what was happening and what my options were. He made sure things were made right and I was made whole.

Excellent Service

Andrew P. Irvin’s office provided excellent service, demonstrating professionalism and personal attention to all details of my most recent auto insurance issue. Andrew went above and beyond and did everything he could to ensure a great outcome. I couldn’t ask for better representation.

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